UCEA consists of laboratories in different locations including NMR laboratory, nano-FTIR laboratory, Mass Spectrometer laboratory and Instrumentation laboratory. Each laboratory provides a range of equipment for different processes.

U003 NMR Laboratory

The NMR laboratory occupies a floor area of 100 square meters including 2 high field NMR spectrometers. The NMR laboratory located at G/F of Block U to minimize vibration disturbance on the sensitivity equipment.

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W614 nano-FTIR Laboratory

The nano FTIR laboratory located at 6/F of Block W. Installed with a high precision air temperature control unit and an acoustic enclosure for active air vibration isolation workstation to ensure detection is smooth at 20nm resolution.

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W702 Instrumentation Laboratory

The instrumentation laboratory located at 7/F of Block W installed with a variety of different UCEA equipment. Precision balance, Millipore water purification system and compressed nitrogen gas supply provide user easy environment of sample preparation.

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W711 Mass Spectrometer Laboratory

The Mass Spectrometer laboratory hosts several start-of-the-art mass spectrometers. Integrated management of MS facility the highest through-put and exchange of research idea for different users.

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