Equipment charging to begin on 1 Aug 2017

A charging system for equipment usage will be implemented from 1 Aug 2017. Please refer to the UCEA Charging Scheme and Section 7 of the UCEA General Policy for details.



User registration and charging of UCEA equipment

Kindly remind that start from 9:00 am 3rd July 2017, only registered UCEA user with valid account is allowed to use UCEA equipment. Users are required to login to UCEA booking system and reserve time slot for their experiment. Please also remind that at the moment user will not be charged for their booking of UCEA equipment. The tentative commence date of the charging schemes is early August, we will notify all users one we fixed the charging date.



User registration for UCEA equipment

Dear UCEA users, Online booking system for UCEA equipment will be launch soon. Please register a UCEA account for access and booking of equipment. Please refer to the User registration procedure in the Download for more detail.



Opening ceremony of University Research Facility in Chemical and Environmental Analysis

Opening ceremony of University Research Facility in Environmental Analysis will be held at 2:30 pm at 7/F of Block W.